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Chairman's Speak


" Nexus Bulk, is a mushrooming shipping conglomerate which covers global markets for tonnages in all segments- dry, wet, and offshore, carrying dry commodities to oil products including E&P related offshore services. Being trusted is a greater compliment to us than being loved, and trust won from our clients empowered with most effective ocean transport solution would lead us to combined success."

- Aayush Lohia

With a mission to cover global market for tonnage in all sizes and segments, Nexus Bulk as a mushrooming Indian Shipping company positions itself to achieve global shipping leadership in the International Waters. Nexus Bulk, as start-up, presently caters global dry bulk markets aiming to build a modest Own / Chartered fleet of 1.2mn dwt as Owner Operators trading with large premier accounts in the International Waters on long term COA & Spot. Under the current business model we strive to service our customers with trusted and reliable shipping solutions adding value to the chain with our active presence both dry and wet segments.

At Nexus Bulk, while we expand our services to global waters as Operators, we shall continue to aim towards boosting our fleet with both owned & chartered vessels anchoring our firm footing in the industry. While we build our fleet in dry segment, we shall strive to build our fleet with FSO / FPSO to boost our parallel initiative in the Offshore with other OSV in times to come.

Our principal competitive advantage is obtained through our exclusive support from Nexus Minmet Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. (parent flagship company engaged in iron ore trade) and the secondary competitive advantage is to have the newest and most modern vessels on the market for safe and efficient transportation of dry bulk commodities for our customers. 

Our mission is to build dedicated and close partnerships with our customers wherever they are and whatever their business is. We aim to develop close business relationships and service our customer’s tonnage / cargo leaving them to focus on their core business while we take care of their ocean transportation.

The business activities of Nexus Bulk are built upon its six core values:

LPSQ Mindset
We take personal responsibility for Loss prevention, Safety & Quality because we care.

Delivering Results
We deliver consistently and strive for operational excellence.

Customer Drive
Building customer trust as we belive ‘To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved’.

Team Spirit
All our major achievements are team efforts.

Hands On Approach
We know our business and get things done professionally.

Open Dialouge
We practise early and honest communication.

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